Why Apply?

The Computational Neural Engineering Training Program (CNTP) is focused on training the next generation of researchers at the intersection of computational neuroscience, neural engineering, data science, and clinical neurophysiology (https://cntp.bme.gatech.edu/about/). The CNTP offers an unparalleled training opportunity by leveraging physical and intellectual resources from the Georgia Tech and Emory scientific communities. This CNTP community of Fellows (https://cntp.bme.gatech.edu/fellows/) and Scholars (https://cntp.bme.gatech.edu/scholars/) is a unique group committed to both scholarly growth and the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. Trainees have found it very valuable to have a tight-knit peer community as a resource.

All CNTP trainees (Fellows and Scholars) have the opportunity to participate in several novel training opportunities as part of a vibrant intellectual community. These training components include a new course (“Clinical Experience for Engineers”), research seminars, innovation forums, trainee professional development meetings, and an annual community retreat. Overall, the CNTP creates novel opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in both engineering and clinical domains resulting in an exceptional and unique training experience.

CNTP Fellows are provided with full stipend and tuition support for the first year of your training. In particular, CNTP funding supports rotations in participating labs (https://cntp.bme.gatech.edu/training-faculty/) during the first year to foster cross-disciplinary training and opportunities for collaboration. Additionally, training grant funding provides supplementary support for conference travel and other training expenses.

Apply today to be a CNTP Fellow: https://cntp.bme.gatech.edu/how-to-apply/