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Upcoming Events

DEI Journeys in Computational NeuroscienceThe NIH T32 Computational Neural Engineering Training Program (CNTP) is organizing a DEI panel. The goal of the panel is to discuss different scientific journeys in computational neuroscience and in what respects we as a field can improve DEI. Based on the panelists’ experiences, we encourage participants to start thinking about specific actions they can undertake to increase the accessibility and feeling of belonging for a more diverse group of people.

The panel consists of graduate students Elaida Dimwamwa and Alejandro Lopez, assistant director of postdoctoral services Dr. Karena Nguyen, and associate professor Dr. Samuel Sober.
Here is the meeting link, please register:

Past Events

GT/Emory Neural Engineering Center Research ExpoPlease join the Computational Neural Engineering Training Program for the Georgia Tech/Emory Neural Engineering Center Research Expo this June to showcase the wide range of research achievement in the Atlanta neural engineering community. The Research Expo will be hosted by the GT/Emory Neural Engineering Center and welcomes poster presentations on research relating to neural engineering and computational neuroscience.

To attend the GT/Emory Neural Engineering Center Research Expo, please register at this link here:
2-4PMIBB 1128
Sub-Second Dynamics of the Hippocampal Neural CodingDr. Lu Zhang will be talking about methods for performing cycle-by-cycle analysis of theta-gamma coupling in the hippocampus, which he leveraged to investigate hippocampal neural codes during goal-directed behavior. More generally, this approach is a novel way of analyzing neural oscillations, which are thought to shape temporal information processing within neural circuits.
11:30am-12:45pmSuddath Seminar Room
Town HallIn preparation for our grant renewal plans and Advisory Board meeting, we are holding a town hall to get some feedback from everyone in the CNTP community.
1-2pmIBB 1128