How to Apply

Georgia Tech and Emory University in Atlanta, GA invite you to apply to become a Fellow in our NIH/NIBIB Computational Neural Engineering Training Program (CNTP). Fellow applications are solicited from admitted applicants to one of the four participating PhD programs linked below (PhD in BME, ECE, Bioe or ML). If you are interested in joining the CNTP, you must first apply to one of those programs. The deadlines vary by program, and with the earliest deadline being December 1, 2021. Note that the CNTP program does not make admissions decisions directly. Admissions are handled independently by a committee for each degree program.

Students with aligned research interests that are offered admission by one of these PhD programs will be contacted separately with an invitation to apply for CNTP fellowship funding. Adding “I am interested in the Computational Neural Engineering Training Program (CNTP)” to your personal statement will help ensure your application is routed to us. Additionally, filling out this interest form can help ensure we find your application:

Please contact Dr. Rozell at with any questions.

Participating PhD programs

PhD in Biomedical Engineering at GT/Emory (deadline 12/1/2021)

PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering at GT (deadline 12/16/2021)

PhD in Bioengineering at GT with BME or ECE home school (deadline is from home school)

PhD in Machine Learning at GT with BME or ECE home school (deadline is from home school)

Graduate program application assistance

Current CNTP trainees are providing graduate program application assistance to help provide feedback on your essays and give guidance on potential faculty with overlapping interests. If you are interested in becoming a member of the CNTP, you can request assistance by filling out the form below before November 1, 2021. You will be contacted be a current member of the CNTP to followup with the type of feedback you request (e..g, written or video chat).